About Us

Our Mission

The ingenuity of the peruvian jewellery artisan is timeless because these delicate pieces of jewelry can adjust to our modern fashion times.

The Marassina Jewellery line is made with peruvian silver, precious stones and by peruvian artisan who are inspired by the peruvian andean culture. By acquiring a jewel from Marassina, you are empowering your image, but you are also cooperating with the artisans of the jewellery industry in Peru.

Women already look beautiful but in essence you also have to be.

Be unique Be Light Be kind.

Our History
Marassina is from the Sacred Valley of Maras in Cusco Peru, she studied and worked in the travel and jewellery industry in Cusco Peru and since 2004 lives in the Netherlands. During her experience working with Peruvian jewellery in the town of Cusco, the creativity and ingenuity of the Peruvian artisan made an impact that stayed in her heart and mind to date. This experience gave Marassina the confidence and inspiration to initiate an endeavour in the jewellery industry and bring this Peruvian art to an international stage. This is how the Marassina Jewellery line was born online and available for the market in Europe.