Tumi InKa Earrings

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Delicate piece of jewelry handmade with 950 silver, with Andean chrysocolla stone and mother of pearl. The original piece El Tumi de Oro was discovered (circa 1936) in the Department of Lambayeque in Peru. It is one of the most important findings of the Sicán Lambayeque Culture and is in the New York museum.


The Lambayeque 750AD, experts in Metallurgy and Goldsmithing, made the “Tumi,” which was a ceremonial dagger used to officiate sacrifices to the God Naylamp. The Tumi was a divine symbol; a badge of hierarchy, prestige and lineage and only the nobles possessed it. It was, above all, a symbol of unlimited power.

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Weight 7.1 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 cm