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Rombus Mother Pearl Bracelet

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Delicate piece of jewelry made by hand with 950 silver and with embedded stones. A jewel that combines with a cocktail or evening dress.


The rhombus (or rhombus, diamond, kite) shape consists of two triangles, one facing down (Yin) and one facing up (Yang), joined together. It is found within later cultures and communities of our global world, often alongside other geometric representations and refers to the same notion everywhere. This geometric symbol represents the inner focus that a human being needs to hold on to their life task during their lifetime on Earth. That task was and still is to this day to reinstate the balance within oneself between the Yin and Yang aspects of energy that make up every human being and to reflect that inner balance to the outside world. When the geometric shape of the rhombus appears, a significant change is installed in the consciousness of a human being; one that replaces the limited ego of the human personality and acts for the benefit of all people.

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Weight11 g
Dimensions7 × 5 cm

Silver 950 and Gems


Marassina Jewelry

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