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Chakana Wiphala Turquoise Chrysocolla Set

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Delicate piece of jewelry handmade with 950 silver with embedded stones. A jewel that combines with a cocktail or evening dress and can be worn on any occasion.


The Wiphala is the flag of the peoples of the Andes. The word Wiphala comes from the Aymara language. “Wiphai” is an exclamation of triumph, and “Laphaqi” is when the wind moves an object and makes a movement like waving a flag. The combination of these 2 words forms the word Wiphay-Lapx, hence Whipala.
It also represents the indigenous wisdom inherited from the Andean peoples, which symbolizes the principles of Pachakama (universal order) and Pachamama (mother, cosmos) which is space, time, energy and our planet and the transformation of natural environments in perfect harmony with the human being The upper part of the wiphala represents the sun, the day, while the lower part, the moon, the night.
– Set does not include chain or necklace

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Weight10 g

Silver 950 and Gems


Marassina Jewelry

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